Tab Integrated Solutions?

Provide best value to our customers through robust and reliable systems enhance our customers business operation and increase their profitability.    

Why Engaz Integrated Solutions?

Engaz established from the ground up to serve Arab users with unique needs as most of the international applications are having different variables and environment that are completely different from our local needs in the MENA region.    

High Quality Local Solutions

TAB achieve a vital rule in balancing between local needs and high quality standards that exist in international applications using state of the art technologies combined with best practice implementations achieved through years of experience and local market exposure.

Cash Management System

vlcThe system provides complete control in cash and bank accounts. It is also provide effective manner in check and drafts management in different phases. The system fully integrated with General Ledger system.



Recording of opening balance

Recording of cash receipts and cash issuance vouchers

Recording of checks vouchers

Recording of debit and credit memorandum

Ability to setup and work simultaneously with several safe boxes

Support bank transfer transactions and foreign exchange transactions

Summary and details transactions reports per safe box

Annual revenue and expenses analysis

Recording of collection plan

Details and summary bank account statement

Monitor receivable and payable checks

Support partial payment

View check history

Issue invoice cover several sales transactions

Ability to automate transactions posting to general ledger module